The Benefits of Providing Cheap Accommodation in Return for Childcare Or Home Help

There is a growing trend in the budget travel market now, where backpackers are prepared to stay with host families in return for providing either childcare, home help or both. A mutually beneficial situation for the traveller and the family alike, where they can work and stay in their chosen destinations while still seeing the sites and sticking to their budget.

Providing accommodation for such backpackers can be a cheap alternative to paying the hefty cost of childcare. Perhaps you just need someone to mind the children while you go to work in the school holidays. Maybe you are looking for a more permanent arrangement. Whatever your childcare needs might be, there is now a way for you to find it online. Globetrotters from all over the world are now enjoying the benefits of finding and connecting with host families, and making arrangements for their stay before they have even left home.

As a potential host family, you can now look for and make arrangements with suitable candidates over the internet, or even line up several potential nannies or AuPairs if they are looking for short term employment with you. You can advertise for exactly what you are looking for, at a fraction of the cost of going through a childcare agency, and make your own decisions and choices from the comfort of your own home.

The Nannies and AuPairs available can select from the host families available, in the same way that you as the Host family can, but this method allows for everyone to gain what they need from the arrangement, and ensures compatibility.

You may also advertise for someone who is not only going to provide childcare, but is prepared to take on the house hold chores that you don’t have time for. You may want a person who can do all of your house work, or just someone to run errands from time to time or do the ironing. There are no limits to what you can do; you can tailor your advertisement to suit your needs and connect with the right people for the job.

Childcare or AuPair agencies can often charge exorbitant fees, and you still may be left with someone who is incompatible with your family dynamic. By cutting out the middle man, in this case the agency and their fees, you can be sure to find what you and who you are looking for, in your own time and for a fraction of the cost.

You may not have had an AuPair before, and may be concerned about taking on a backpacker for the position, but with the ability to connect with each other and get to know each other online before your arrangement begins, you can take the time to get to know your Nanny before they even knock on your door.

If you are looking for just a little babysitting from time to time, full time childcare, or just vacation care and some housework, make sure you take the time to explore the possibilities online.

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